The opening of the largest Quranic station in Iraq for visitors of Arba'een

The Scientific Complex of the Holy Quran opened the largest Quranic station in Iraq, within the project of teaching correct reading to visitors of the Arba'een in Babylon, with the participation of 75 professors.

The director of the Holy Quran Institute of the complex, Sheikh Jawad al-Nasrawi, said, "the station, which is supervised by the Institute's branch in Babylon, aims to teach the correct reading of Surah Al-Fatiha, short Surahs and Dhikr of prayer, to answer doctrinal and fiqh questions, hold competitions for visitors, and also provide Quranic and faith knowledge, with the participation of the memorizers [Hafez] of the Holy Book who reviewed their memorization and skills, in order to motivate their peers from visitors to follow in their footsteps".

"The number of teaching professors at this station has reached 75 Specialized professors," Nasrawi added.

As for the turnout of visitors, al-Nasrawi explained , "the station is witnessing a wide turnout by thousands of visitors to the city of Karbala, providing Quranic information in the correct recitation, and also presented a Quranic competition through a set of Quranic information and concepts included in its various questions".
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