Competition in Making a Documentary Film on Imam Hussein's Revolution

Mr, Aqeel Abdul Hasan, a member of the preparatory committee of the Tenth International Cultural Conference of the Martyrdom Spring which is held and sponsored by the Imam Hussein and the El-Abbas Holy Shrines stated that a competition in making a documentary film concerning the aspects of the revolution of the Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him). Such a competition is going to be held for the first time at the conference in order to document the intellectual, historical, and moral facts, in addition to their reflection on the present time.

The rules of the competition are:

1. Events of the film should be on the Husseinian story, adopting clarity and accuracy in everything including the language which should be Arabic or translated into Arabic.
2. Film should be made according to the proprieties and the Islamic standards.
3. Film should be made based on creative and convincing standards.
4. Duration of the film should not be less than 10 minutes and no more than 20 minutes.
5. Two copies of the film on DVD should be sent, and the deadline to receive that is on May 10, 2014.

The first three winner films will be chosen by the committee, and there will be three prizes for the three winners: First prize is 5000 $. Second prize is 4000 $. Third prize is 3000 $. Individuals and companies can participate according to the rules.

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