The Afforestation and Ornamental Unit conducts a campaign to clean and sustain the Palm trees between the Two Holy Shrines

The staff of the Afforestation and Ornamental Unit at the Al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine has launched its seasonal campaign to clean, sustain and reap the fruits of palm trees between the Two Holy Shrines.

Engineer Hatem Abdul Karim, the head of the Unit of the Department between the Two Holy Shrines, said that "our staff keeps taking care of the palm tress, through watering and seasonal fertilization with chemical and organic substances, as well as the fight against diseases and insect pests".

He added that "the perpetuation mechanism goes through four stages, the first is cleaning and reflecting, the second stage is pollination, the third is hanging the fruits down, and the last is the stage of harvesting the fruits and distributing them to visitors and some processions, where they are placed in transparent preservative boxes that carry a sticker with the phrase (dates of the square between the two shrines - distributed free of charge)".

Abdul Karim explained that "the most important feature of the area between the Two Holy Shrines is the presence of the palm trees, which represent a symbol of giving, grandeur and steadfastness in this blessed area".

According to the official of the Unit, "the number of Palm trees in the area is (56) palms, thus symbolizing the number of years of the life of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him)," indicating that "the palm of the area is distributed over four lines, each line contains (14) palms, to represent the number of the fourteen infallible".
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