Al-Kafeel Company for Public Investments provides the local market with fish to meet the needs of the citizen

Al-Kafeel Company for Public Investments moved to supply the local market with fish to meet the needs of the citizen.

"The project area in one area is (82) dunums and contains three lakes, the area of each lake is (25) dunums, and the projects contribute to increasing the national product and supplying the markets with live fish," said the director of the fisheries project at the company, Mr. Alaa Youssef.

Al Kafeel fish is distinguished by its distinctive taste due to the quality of pure feed, rich in protein and important substances for the growth of fish, as well as providing it with medical care on a daily basis, according to the project manager.

He added that "Al-Kafeel Company addresses its attention to projects related to citizen's food to meet future challenges in anticipation of possible economic conditions, and that this project is one of the important projects for the company".

For his part, the supervisor of the fish lakes, Dr. Mustafa Omran, said: "there are three types of fish in the lakes, namely carp, crucian carp and silver carp, and the reason we chose the type of carp is for its rapid growth, resistance to diseases and low fat content in addition to its fertility, and it can be marketed for a period not exceeding 6 months."

As for the distribution of fish in the lakes, Omran explained that "the distribution mechanism is (250) crucian carp and silver carp for every (1000) carp, as the crucian ones clean the lakes from the herbs that grow in them, and the silver ones feed on the waste of other fish, thus contributing to maintaining the cleanliness of the lake".
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