The 5th Rabi’ Awal: Death anniversary of Lady Sakeena daughter of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon both of them)

Lady Sakeena: the immaculate venerable lady, the most virtuous and most pure. She was the Lady of the women of her time, having the best of manners and being the most ascetic, with high level of rhetoric and eloquence, abundant generosity and wise mind. She was characterized by noble qualities, gracious acts and good merits. And her father Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) spoke about her level of worship saying: "Sakeena spends most of her time immersed soundly with God."

Her relationship with the infallible: Granddaughter of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima az-Zahra, daughter of Imam al-Hussayn, sister of Imam Zayn al-'Abideen and aunt of Imam al-Baqer (Allah's prayers be upon them all).

Her name: Sakeena daughter of al-Hussayn son of Ali son of Abi Taleb (peace be upon them).

Her mother: Ar-Rabab daughter of Imru'u al-Qays son of 'Uday al-Kalbi.

Her presence in Karbala: She (peace be upon her) was present on the day of at-Taf in Karbala, and witnessed with her own eyes the great tragedy and all the heart-breaking calamities that befell her father Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and his family and companions, and she had embraced the body of her father after being killed.

Her presence with the captives: She was one of the captives of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), along with martyrs' head, walking from Karbala to Kufa, and then to the Levant and finally back to Madinah with her brother Imam Zayn al-'Abideen (peace be upon him).

When her brother "baby Abdullah" was slaughtered, she was stunned to the point that she couldn't stand to pay farewell to her father al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and while all the children and the women of the Prophecy's House surrounded him, she remained at her place in tears. The Master of the Martyrs (peace be upon him) stood then at her side and told her few verses to inspire her patience.

After the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), his horse ran back to the tents without him, so Sakeena went out mourning: O Father, O Hussaynah! What a great tragedy! What a great anguish! When the other women heard her, they also went out from the tents and once they have seen his horse, they started striking their cheeks saying: O Mohammadah! The next day when they were captives leaving the battlefield, Sakeena has looked at her father's stripped corpse and saturated in his blood, on the burning sand of Karbala, she had fallen on it, shivering, she hugged him so tight before the final farewell.

The love of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) to her: It is narrated that when the Ladies of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) were entered as captives to Yazeed Ibn Mu'awiyah, he said to her mother al-Rabab (Sakeena's mother): Is it you and your daughter Sakeena about whom al-Hussayn used to say:

How beloved is a house ***** in which Sakeena and al-Rabab are

I love them and give all my money ***** And I do not have any excuse to give or reproach.

Her death: She (peace be upon her) died on the Thursday 5th of Rabi' Awwal 117 AH in Madinah and was buried in Baqi' cemetery.

And because she was the voice of al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) after his martyrdom, as she publicized the injustice that happened to the members of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) to the whole world, especially during her captivity journey from Kufa to Sham [Syria], this venerable oppressed lady (peace be upon her) has been subjected to a series of lies and lot of fabrications and forgeries to tarnish her image by hate to her father Aba Abdillah al-Hussayn (peace be upon her) and to destabilize the position of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) in the hearts of people.

Lady Sakeena (peace be upon her) did not marry other than her cousin Abdullah son of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon both of them), and those who have narrated that she got married to more than one are only drummers of falsehoods and mercenaries who do not even know what honesty, sincerity and ethics scales mean. So they have conspired and schemed against Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) and their followers and lovers, using all kinds of slanders, accusations, defamations and calumniations. All because of their closeness and loyalty to People of the House about whom the Almighty said: {Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.} (33:33)

Peace be upon this honourable and venerable lady of knowledge, the day she was born chaste and pure, the day she left to her God well-pleased and pleasing [to Him], and the day she will arise alive with the holy family of Mohammad (prayers and Allah's peace be upon him and upon his holy Household).
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