Saving a patient's life by transplanting three arteries into his heart at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital announced the success of a three-artery transplant operation on the heart of a patient.

The specialist of cardiac surgery, the Turkish doctor Dr. Yusuf Abdullof, " our medical team succeeded in transplanting (3) arteries into the heart of a 60-year-old patient," indicating that "through diagnostic tests and catheters, we found that he had a blockage in the arteries".

Abdullof confirmed that the patient recovered after the operation and left the hospital with his family to practice his life normally.

Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital seeks to provide treatment with the latest technologies, thanks to its modern equipment and advanced medical devices, as well as its medical staff, whether local or those coming from abroad, which makes its services comparable to those in international hospitals.
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