Al-Kafeel Hospital launches the first health program of its kind in Iraq

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala has launched an obesity Challenge program, while ten people who will take up this challenge have been selected according to special conditions and tests.

"We have launched a new and unique program at the level of Iraq to challenge obesity, which is a treatment journey to lose weight and reach the ideal weight," said the hospital's Therapeutic Nutritionist, Dr. Buraq al-Husseini.

Al-Husseini revealed that (10) people selected for this journey from different governorates as we adopted conditions set to suit the program and the contestants in their selection.

According to al-Husseini, this program will be implemented under the supervision of an integrated medical team, explaining that "the treatment journey began with the ten participants and we will address their obesity problems and accompanying diseases, and we will continue with them until we reach the required level".
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