Completion of the second stage of the installation of grid of Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her)

The supervisor of the Department of Manufacturing the holy shrines' grids and doors at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Haj Kadhem Obada, announced the completion of the second phase of installing the grid of the Princess of the Levant, in a very record time for less than planned.

He added that "the floor was covered with luxurious types of Alabaster type (multi-Onyx) of Italian origin, in addition to inlaying it with precious and rare onyx stones, which gave an aesthetic to the floor, so its aesthetic components were reflected on the new grid of the holy shrine".

He stressed that "the work plan for the installation of the new grid is being carried out within the time limits set for it, and even less. And most of its stages were completed in record and advanced times, as the plan included dismantling the old grid, as well as preparing the floor of the holy sanctuary from concrete foundations, in order to install the parts of the new grid, as well as removing the old Alabaster of the holy sanctuary."

For his part, engineer Ali Salloum, a member of the technical committee, added that "the works did not stop there only, but we finished installing the wooden structure of the grid and started installing its pieces and its bearing parts for the metal parts, as the installation of the carriers for the Ziyarat inscription on top of the grid has been completed, in addition to the decorative frieze, the upper ceiling and the columns supporting it from the top that will be hidden, and we will start installing the other metal parts after the completion of these works".

He concluded,"the structure is manufactured with all craftsmanship according to the design outputs using high-quality and efficient materials, as the best types of wood (Burmese) were selected and installed with professional method that suits the weights that will be installed on it".
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