Al-Kafeel Company starts its preparations for the new agricultural season by plowing 500 dunums

The staffs of Al-Kafeel Public Investments Company have started their preparations for the new agricultural season (2022-2023), by plowing more than (500) dunums within al-Kafeel farms.

Engineer Adnan Hussein, head of agricultural projects in the Company that is affiliated to the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, said: "preparation for the new season (2022-2023) began with plowing the land and buying the finest types of seeds, from international sources with high production, where more than (500) dunums were plowed from Al-Kafeel farms, then over seven axial sprinklers were distributed on them, each sprinkler covering more than (80) dunums running on electric energy."

He added that "the fertilizers used in the agricultural season are dab fertilizer, granulated urea fertilizers, and other various fertilizers, some of which come from the General Company for Agricultural Supplies of the Karbala Agriculture Directorate, and the second section from Al-Joud Company at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine".

Hussein pointed out that" the timing of the action of agricultural fertilizers and their quantities depend on several factors, including the state of the climate, plant growth and the amount of rainfall during the season, "pointing out that "preparation for the new agricultural season starts from day (1-11) and lasts for two weeks every year."

"We are working on the maintenance of sprinklers, generators, artesian wells and plungers after harvest, for four months before the start of the new season," the agricultural projects official continued.
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