The Holy Quran Women Institute honors a group of female students

The Institute of the Holy Quran for women honored the students of the Hawra' Zaynab course (peace be upon her) after they completed memorizing the thirtieth part of the Holy Quran.

The official of the Institute of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Mrs. Manar al-Jubouri, said that "the female students participating in this course underwent intensive memorization lessons under the supervision of an teacher specialized in the sciences of the Holy Quran".

She added that "the institute continues to hold Quranic courses, whether in memorization or reciting, an approach that we are keen on, and we are also working to celebrate and honor the students for their serious endeavor in memorizing the Holy Quran by distributing gifts in kind to encourage them to complete this blessed path".

Al-Jubouri expressed her happiness with the students ' excellence in memorizing the last part of the Holy Quran within the course, expressing her hope that they will continue their career in memorizing other parts of the Dear Book of Allah.
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