Al-Kafeel Scouts : more than 6 thousand various gifts distributed on the occasion of the birth anniversaries of the Holy Prophet and Imam as-Sadeq (Allah's prayers be upon them)

The Al-Kafeel Scouts Association, affiliated to the Media Department of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, took the initiative to distribute more than 6 thousand various gifts in different regions of Karbala governorate on the occasion of the birth anniversaries of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) and his grandson Imam Ja'far as-Sadeq (peace be upon him)

The head of the Scout stages in the Association; Mr. Alaa Hadi al-Husseini, said that "the Association of Al-Kafeel Scouts, in cooperation with the Department of care of the holy courtyard at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has deployed a number of its scout teams in a number of neighborhoods of the province of Karbala and in the main intersections and checkpoints, as well as hospitals, houses of worship and popular areas to congratulate the people of the holy city on this blessed occasion."

He added that "the association distributed its teams in different areas of the city of Karbala, including the Husseini hospital and the Cancer Hospital of the Imam al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine and other areas, as well as the entrances to the province in the axes of Baghdad, Babylon and Najaf".
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