Al-Kafeel company starts sorting Sidr honey

The staffs of Al-Kafeel Public Investments Company, one of the companies of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has started sorting Sidr honey in the Al-Kafeel Apiaries' Group.

Engineer Hassanein Mohammed, director of the Al-Kafeel Apiaries group of the company, said that "the process of sorting Sidr honey starts from mid-September every year and then we transfer it to the sites of Sidr trees in the country, including the Zawra Gardens in Baghdad, with which we have joint cooperation".

He added,"the choice of Zawra Gardens is due to its high density of Sidr trees, which is invested in the production of honey distinguished by its taste and aroma".

"The productivity of honey depends on weather conditions and the strength of the cells," noting that it "varies from year to year according to the production capacity census, which is conducted after mid-October".
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