Saving the life of a two-day-old baby with a rare condition at the Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital managed to save the life of a two-day-old infant with a perforated colon .

Pediatric surgeon specialist Dr. Sarmad al-Rubai'i said that "the child was suffering from a large hole and a crack in the colon rectum, which caused him bacterial poisoning and his condition was very critical, a rare condition with multiple causes, including hirshbrink's disease".

Al-Rubai'i pointed out that "the baby was admitted to the operating room quickly to save him, repair the hole, clean the entire abdomen from waste, in addition to making an opening for the circulation of the small intestine in anticipation of the position of the intestine and abdomen in general and ensuring an effective exit with which the infant's life continues".
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