The Scientific Assembly organizes a specialized workshop in the Koranic field

The Quranic Projects Center of the Scientific Academy of the Holy Quran at the Holy Shrine of al-Abbas (p) organized a specialized training workshop for the advanced teachers of the center.
The director of the center, Mr. Hassanein Al-Helou, told the press center that the workshop was attended by the teacher of sound and intonation, Dr. Gholam Reza Shah Mioh, and the teacher of decisions of recitation and phonometrics, Dr. Falah Kasmai from the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as Dr. Muhammad Amir Kasmai, and attended a high-level scientific presentation.
He added that the professors listened to the recitations of the professional readers at the center, expressing their greatest happiness and admiration for the distinguished energies, and they praised what this Abbasid institution has produced.

During the workshop, Dr. Shah Mioh presented an explanation of some tricky issues in vocal performance science, its methods and its ramifications, emphasizing that the future of readers will be full of progress and that they are qualified to be among the eminent reciters of the Islamic world.
For his part, Dr. Kasmaiee completed the workshop by talking about the science of diacritical letters, their qualities and intonation arrangements, while his talk focused on the concept of “negation” and its methods and impact. on the quality and direction of transmission.
For his part, El-Helou pointed out that the activities of the Quranic Project Center are not limited to specific activities, but rather extend its plan of diversification of the different programs, the most important of which is the continuous updating of the information from teachers, motivate them to pursue ongoing research and develop their reading and teaching skills.
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