Media department: we aspire to reach the world levels in animation cinema

The Media Department at the Al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine stressed its quest to reach the international levels in animation cinema through the Department's Al-Joud animation center.

The official of the center, Ahmed Taleb Abdul Amir Mamitha, said in an interview to the News Center, "our staff is working on modeling three-dimensional designs and making animation tools," adding, "more than fourteen specialists in design programs are involved in the production of the artwork to produce three-dimensional animation," pointing out that "the artwork passes through several stages and through successive and parallel lines, to come out with the best results."

"In our artistic products of two-and three-dimensional animations, we strive to reach advanced artistic levels, and work to achieve international participation and awards,"Mamitha continued.

The director of the Center explained that" we previously participated in two art festivals for short films (animation), in which we won the jury prize and the award for the best three-dimensional film, "indicating that "the two participations were through the film (salvation) at the Babylon Animation Film Festival, and the film (The Master of Water) at the Al-Ghadeer festival."
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