A medical team at Al-Kafeel hospital succeeds in saving a patient who had a stroke

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala announced the success of a medical team in treating a patient with a stroke by catheter intervention.

The hospital's cardiac catheterization specialist, Lebanese doctor Ramez al-Khouri, said that "the medical team performed a therapeutic catheterization of the heart arteries for a 60-year-old patient who suffered from hypertension and diabetes and suffered a heart attack, while the tests showed the presence of stenosis in one of the main heart arteries."

He added, "We subjected the patient to a set of treatments before the operation, to control blood pressure and diabetes and protect him from complications, and then we opened the narrowing of the artery and implanted a special net in it to prevent the return of stenosis and the blood began to flow normally."

According to cardiac catheterization specialist Ramez El Khoury, materials of international origin were used in the operation, which is an important factor in the treatment of such cases, as well as the treatments that the patient is required to adhere to after the operation to ensure that his health situation does not worsen in the future.
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