Iraqi processions provide their services to the visitors of Lady Fatima Ma'soomah (Peace be upon her) in Qom

The Iraqi service processions offer their services to the visitors of Lady Fatima al-Ma'soomah (peace be upon her), on the anniversary of her death in the holy city of Qom.

One of the procession servants; Mr. Alaa Abdullah, said that "the Lady Fatima Ma'soomah organization from Baghdad, provides its services on the anniversary of the death of the venerable lady, by establishing its eighth annual service Council, as it provides food services to distinguished visitorsat the rate of 15 thousand meals a day divided between three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as fast meals".

He added that "providing services to the visitors of lady Ma'soomah is to convey a message to the world that the generosity of Iraqis and their service to the prophet and his holy Household is not limited to Iraq only, but also extends to all areas where the anniversaries of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) are commemorated".

He pointed out that "there are about 40 service processions spread on the roads taken by visitors towards the shrine of the Lady Fatima Ma'soomah (Peace be upon her), so that this service will be a proof of Iraqi generosity and an extension of the service of the Ziyarat Arba'een".
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