The Scientific Complex of the Holy Quran holds the second Quranic competition for recitation and interpretation in Najaf

The Scientific Complex of the Holy Quran held the second Quranic competition in recitation and interpretation, in the Hall of the Imam al-Murtadha (peace be upon him) Complex in Najaf, with the participation of (17) contestants from the readers of the province.
The official of the Recitation Unit at the Holy Quran Institute of the complex; Mr. Ahmed al-Zamili, said that "what distinguishes this competition is that it includes Quranic interpretation, as the readers were tested with questions in interpreting the Quranic texts assigned to them, in order to increase the Quranic culture among the readers of the Holy Quran".

Al-Zamli added that" the organizing committee adopted the Iraqi and Egyptian investigative methods in the recitation, "stressing the importance of the competition because it creates a spirit of competition between readers and the development of their abilities, as well as it allows the reader to understand the flaws in his performance in order to address them in the future, and thus prepares a reader's assessment and Evaluation at the same time."

According to al-Zamili, the jury of the competition included a number of specialized arbitrators, headed by Sheikh Basem al-Abedi, who ruled the interpretation subject, and in the subject of Tajweed rules, Mr. Emad al-Wajdi, and in the sound subject Mr. Siraj Munir al-Abadi, and in the melody subject Mr. Muhannad al-Mayali, and in the rules of Waqf and initiation Sheikh Mahdi Qalandar al-Bayati.
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