Among the 500 participants.. A photographer from the Media Department wins the first prize at the Arba'een Festival

The photographer in the Media Department of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Laith al-Mousawi, won the first photographic prize at the Arba'een International Festival, organized by the Tabiyin Foundation, in which 500 photographers participated.

The head of the festival administration, Mr. Ali al-Mohammadawi, said that "there were more than 1,400 works participated in the festival, which were distributed over nine events, namely (documentary film, short film, photography, painting, Husseini chant, scientific article, eloquent poetry, folk poetry), and there were 27 winners".

He added:"We received more than 600 distinctive works for the photography axis, distributed between artistic and humanitarian works that included hospitality habits, Iraqi generosity, and devotional works of the visitors and their march towards the Holy Karbala, and the number of participating photographers reached more than 500 photographers, who participated with more than 600 works, of which 200 photos were sorted".

For his part, the photographer of the holy shrine; Sayed. Laith al-Mousawi said that "the photo was taken with a Canon camera (5D Mark3) and a lens (M-Canon 35-16) on the visitors' road, heading on foot to the Qibla of the free-men; the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and won the first place within the photography axis at the festival".
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