The Al-Ameed Educational Group introduces the global "UC MAS" technology

The Al-Ameed Educational Group of the Department of Education and Higher Education has introduced the global "UC MAS" technology within its educational programs with the aim of intellectual and mental development of children.

The head of the educational guidance division in the said department, Dr. Ali Karim, said: "the Al-Ameed Group management has worked to develop a long-term strategic vision with the slogan of creating an educated generation of comprehensive development according to a set of modern programs and technologies, including (UC MAS).

For his part, the director of the "purposeful thought company" sponsoring the UC MAS program; Mr. Na'el al-Jaberi, said: "the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine decided to apply this advanced technology in its Al-Ameed Educational Schools Group, which enhances the child's concentration, intelligence, accuracy, as well as the extreme speed in solving mathematical problems."

He explained that "the technology is one of the first programs in the world and is applied in 87 countries around the world. It is intended to work on the mental development of children from the age of (4-15) years".

According to al-Jaberi, the methods of preparing the teachers in charge of the program are carried out by entering training courses for a full month, based on international standards, after which the trainee is awarded a certificate that qualifies him to be an international trainer".
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