In the presence of Sayed al-Safi.. The Department of Intellectual Affairs launches the application of the Encyclopedia of “Tabaqat A'lam al-Shi'a”

The Heritage Revival Center of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, launched the Application of the Encyclopedia (Tabaqat A'lam al-shi'a) of the Sheikh Agha Bazrak al-Tahrani, in the presence of the Senior Official of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi.

The head of the Department; Sayed Aqeel al-Yasiri, said: "in order to revive the heritage of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) and the heritage of our scholars, the Heritage Revival Center sought to publish this encyclopedia and made it available to researchers electronically through the Application of the Encyclopedia of "Tabaqat A'lam al-Shi'a", which enable researchers to take texts and information to enrich their scientific and Hawza research."

He added that "this Application is not the first to be launched by the center, but will be followed by other applications to provide the heritage, scientific and literary scene with all that was created by our scholars, revive it and disseminate it among those interested".
For his part, the director of the heritage Revival Center; Sayed Mohammed al-Wakeel, said that "this encyclopedia is one of the most important, broadest and deepest heritage encyclopedias that were written about the scholars of the Imami sect, as Sheikh Agha Bazrak al-Tahrani reaped during his years everything related to the scholars of the sect from the fourth to the fourteenth century Hijri, indicating "we have typeset the Encyclopedia consisting of (17) volumes, which aims to introduce the world to the heritage of the scholars of the Imami sect and disseminate the Islamic scientific heritage, indicating the multiple aspects in each scholar and the efforts harnessed to bring out this heritage with a huge amount of information and data from various sciences, "he said.

The Encyclopedia consists of three versions, the first version of which is copyable, searchable and shareable, the second version is in pdf format, and the last version is in the author's handwriting.

The director of the Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology; Sayed Samer al-Safi, said," the Encyclopedia of "Tabaqat A'lam al-Shi'a" Application has been completed for the benefit of the Heritage Revival Center, which will facilitate the research process in finding information as quickly as possible for researchers, and it is available on Android and iOS devices, " explaining,"We were keen that the application be with the latest software methods in terms of design and format, as well as contains many sections, and the focus has been on the research aspect that facilitates the process of finding the information needed by the researcher."
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