Umm al-Baneen University (peace be upon her) is completing its preparations to launch an award in the Holy Quran and Tabligh

The Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) Women Electronic University in Najaf, affiliated with the Department of Intellectual Affairs, has completed its preparations for the establishment of the Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) award for the Holy Quran and religious reporting.

The president of the University; Sheikh Hussein al-Turabi, stated to The News Center that the university has completed the results of the 6 main branches of the reporting branches, resulting in honoring the 15 best outstanding women figures in the fields of reporting, and this selection was made by specialized women committees according to precise criteria, based on the requests submitted by the sisters officially nominated for the award through their institutions in official speeches".

Al-Turabi added,"the names of the winners of the award - the reporting branches- will be announced at an official ceremony to be held at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, where they will be honored with the award and gifts provided to them by the University.

As for the Quranic aspect of the award, al-Turabi said, "the Quranic part of the award is divided into (6) sections, including (20) parts distributed on the sciences of the Holy Quran, interpretation, memorization of all kinds, recitation in its categories, creativity and other, and the arbitration of these parts will be initiated starting today, Wednesday, 16-11-2022 through specialized women arbitration committees at the local and international levels".

This initiative, for which Umm al-Baneen University (peace be upon her) was founded, comes within the University's objectives aimed at spreading the science of two weights (Thaqalayn) and contributing to the awareness of the women community and creating an encouraging atmosphere for women cadres in the Quranic and Tablighi fields and providing the best services to them in a way that suits their belonging to the faith and the homeland, according to Sheikh al-Turabi.
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