Vehicles' Department: we have a large fleet of vehicles and we work to maintain them periodically

The Department of vehicles at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine explained that it has a large fleet of vehicles that are maintained and monitored periodically.

Karar Haidar, Technical Assistant to the head of the vehicles' department, said that "the Abbas's (p) holy shrine has a large fleet of vehicles of various sizes, including light, medium and heavy ones that run on gasoline and diesel fuel, which requires work to maintain them periodically at different times".

He added," the department established the garage of martyr Maher Ali, and it works with seven units responsible for maintaining the vehicles of the holy shrine, "indicating that "the vehicle immediately upon arrival at the garage is inserted into the fault diagnosis device, and then it is directed to the competent workshop."

He explained that "the garage units are the electricity and cooling unit, and everything related to this system is being worked on, from the maintenance of the Dynamo, the maintenance of electrical connections, internal and external lighting, and the maintenance of the cooling system, as well as there is a workshop where engines, lubrication system and ignition system are serviced, in addition to the maintenance of vehicles' blacksmiths and other systems".

He continued," As for the work of other units, the oils unit, for example, deals with the replacement of engine oils and transmission oils, and uses the best types purchased from known origins, after being subjected to laboratory testing, "pointing out that "there is a unit specialized in replacing tires and working in it is based on specific technical controls, related to the age of the tire, the thickness of the outer layer, and the distance traveled on the tire."

Haidar pointed out that "the department works throughout the week, and the work is not only inside the garage, but we have mobile maintenance, which task is to deal with the malfunctions that the vehicles may encounter while moving from one place to another," stressing that "our staffs have a long history in this field, and are able to maintain all types of vehicles."
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