For optimal integration between the holy shrines institutions, Publications of Imam Ali's (p) Holy Shrine printed in Dar Al-Kafeel of printing and publishing …

Dar Al-Kafeel is the house for printing, publishing and distribution, of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, as a result, its advantages of high-quality printing in terms of design, printing and paper quality and other features, which made it at the forefront of printing's institutions not only in Karbala city, but the whole of Iraq.

Accordingly, Imam Ali's (p) Holy Shrine as the first Holy Shrine in Iraq, has initiated to print its many diversified intellectual and cultural productions, in the Dar Al-Kafeel for printing, publishing and distribution.

In addition, the presidency of the Iraqi Shi'a Waqf has mandated to all the holy sites and shrines to print all publications exclusively in the printing house; Dar Al-Wareth of Imam Hussain's (p) Holy Shrine and in Dar Al-Kafeel of Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, after it had been printed in the local printing presses or outside the country.

A delegation from the Information's Department of Imam Ali's (p) holy Shrine visited the printing presses of Dar Al-Kafeel for printing , publishing and distribution, in order to have a close eye on the possibility of these presses to meet the special needs of the productions of Imam Ali's (p) holy shrine, And in line with the intellectual and cultural productions of books, magazines, folders and other paper publications. The tour was positive and responded to what aspired to the delegation.

Speaking about the field trip, the Media's official in Imam Ali's (p) holy Shrine, professor Fa'eq Al-Shammari said:
"We met with officials of the printing presses in Dar Al-Kafeel, and we have agreed to convert publications that are presented to the media section at the Imam Ali's (p) holy Shrine, entirely to these printing presses, where we found the potential and the level of performance and excellence in printing and the ability to absorb the products of the holy shrine."

Noting :" Because the holy sites today have become a source of intellectual radiation and communication with various parts of the globe, The section, with its different divisions and units, is working to keep pace with these developments, as it issued three monthly magazines and many prefatory folders and directed advertisements. In addition to the issuance of Imam Ali's (p) holy shrine's guide with many printed media productions, like books and different pamphlets.
The presence of such modern presses is supportive and a great incentive to move forward in this journey , which began step by step , Only with this enormous potential in advanced printing, we will cover the needs of the Imam Ali's (p) holy shrine fully . "

He added: "We found what is printed in Dar Al-Kafeel's books, pamphlets, magazines and folders, are very high with regulatory and typography models, in addition to printing methods, which are distinguished according to the latest hardware technology."

The Project of Dar Al-Kafeel for printing, publishing and distribution is part of a strategy of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in attaining self-sufficiency and achieving a mechanism relying on the available possibilities for printing books, magazines and newspapers, and contribute to the dissemination of culture and the provision of readable Articles, serving the author on the one hand and the publisher on the other hand, through raising the quality and reducing the cost.
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