Successful operation to remove a tumor from a patient's knee at Al-Kafeel hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala announced its success in the operation of removing a tumor from the knee of an twenty-year-old patient using the periscope technique.

The specialist of orthopedic, fractures and joints surgery at the hospital; Dr. Ahmad Ni'ma, stated to The News Center that a tumor was completely removed from the knee of a 24-year-old patient in a successful operation using the endoscope technique."

He added that "what is available in the hospital from the requirements of operations with its devices, including the periscope device, allowed us to make a surgical incision to remove the tumor, and the operation was done with a Periscopic opening that does not exceed one centimeter".

He stressed that"the patient's health status is good and does not need a medical support".
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