Both holy shrines are continuing their preparations for the opening of the tenth international book fair in Karbala ..

Both Imam Al-Hussayn (p) and Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrines continue preparations for the opening of the tenth international Book Fair of Karbala, which will open its doors from (28 Rajab) until (8 Shaaban 1435H). The book fair is organized among the events of the tenth edition of the international cultural martyrdom's Spring Festival, that will be held on the third of the holy month of Shaaban.
For this purpose, great efforts were consolidated to give this Expo the best image that can suit the status of the shrines of the holy city of Karbala.

In order to ask about the last preparations, Al-Kafeel Network had a meeting with the director of the International book fair of Karbala, Mr. Moyassar Akram al-Hakeem, who said:
"The technical and engineering executives of both Imam Al-Hussayn (p) and Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrines started their proceedings to set up the land of the Karbala book fair,
A space estimated at more than (2750 m2) with a display area of (2400 m2) was split into more than 140 portions/ sections, with many green spaces inside and outside the exhibition. "

He added saying: "We added few service spaces inside the exhibition hall, and specified where entries, exits and an emergency exit should be, with an elaborate plan for safety and security in case of incidents.
The executives developed thoroughly a plan for a monitoring system of internal and external communications linked to a central control room. in addition to fixing cooling devices inside the exhibition halls, and specifying few spaces for public affairs and administrative services, the reception of delegations and storing books. "

Al-Hakeem explained: "Preparations also included modern floor coverings, lighting, speakers and modern electronic screens to guide visitors to the different sections of the Expo."

He concluded by saying: "I think that this edition will be distinguished in terms of both organization and attendance. The number of requests for participation so far is more than (180 publishers) and we are still receiving all requests until the fifth of the month of Rajab.
And for the first time this year, we are proud of the participation of both holy shrines' printing and publishing houses; Dar Al-Wareth and Dar Al-Kafeel, which are among the best and largest printing presses in Iraq, two sections are dedicated to their publications. "

It is noteworthy that the Karbala international book fair is one of the events of the international cultural martyrdom's spring Festival organized and funded integrally by the general secretaries of both Imam Al-Hussayn (p) and Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrines since its inception nine years ago, to commemorate the birth of the grand son of our saint Prophet (May Allah pray on him and his pure lineage) Imam Aba Abdillah Al-Hussayn and his brother Aba Al-Fadl Al-abbas (peace be upon them). The number of the participating countries in the previous editions was more than 50 Arab and foreign countries.
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