Maintenance and Construction Department: we have 50 heavy machinery and equipment and strive for self-sufficiency

The Engineering Maintenance and Construction Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine explained the details of the work of its construction machinery and equipment division.

The official of the said Division, Mr. Hassan Ali Abdul Hussein, said that "the work of the division is not limited to the engineering maintenance department only, but also meets all the requirements in the sites and projects of the holy shrine, especially the sites near them, which include expansion sites and projects completed in the past, and we continue in the same direction".
He added that "the division includes five specialized units: machinery, equipment, bulldozers, processing and storage, and the manual equipment and mschinery unit, and its work varies between heavy machinery and manual work, and the transportation of engineering staff and its manual equipment, and the division owns unique specialized machinery and equipment".

The division, with its various units, according to Abdul Hussein, owns (50) heavy machinery and equipment, which work in various projects and contribute to filling the need, stressing that "the division seeks self-sufficiency in engineering equipment to be ready for any work assigned to it".
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