The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine honours a number of its affiliate members who have completed service of forty months

The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine honoured Tuesday 29 Jumada II 1435H corresponding to April 29, 2014, a number of its staff, who have completed service of more than forty months.

The award ceremony took place in the hall of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) in Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, with the presence of its General Secretary, Sayed Ahmed As-Safi, members of the board of directors and heads of departments.
The ceremony began with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, Al-Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, followed by a guiding word of the General Secretary of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine saying:

“This honour is not the most important, the true honour is when an affiliate member goes back home and feels that in this day, he did neither hurt a visitor nor a colleague at work, and feels that his work was at the sight and hearing of the owner of the holy shrine, Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) then he thanks Him for the honour of His service. This is the real balance of the honour.”

He added saying: "We would like to show a set of points:

The first one: We want the affiliate members to maintain their self determination, and to remember the spirit of the service's honour; because this place has worldly and afterlife benefits that one should not miss. Many of the brothers before working in this holy place, wished strongly to work in it, and the day they started the service was a special day for them, then they did work in all humility and holiness, but after a period of work this feeling lessens slowly; because they get accustomed to the place.
For this purpose we want from all the affiliate members to maintain their self determination in all circumstances.

The second point:
The success to serve this holy shrine, is a nonesuch honour that will be reflected on your character in the community, and on the behaviour of your children and your grandchildren, so we must thank God that we have been successful to honour service in the holiest place on Earth.
If we meditate about it, we'll find that God has bestowed his abundant blessings upon us, thanking Him for all this, would make us meek and humble, thus we all must ask God, day and night, to not deprive us from this grace in which we are, since the Holy Shrine does not depend on the service of a particular person.”

As for the third point, Sayed As-Safi explained:
“We would like to encourage you to have a good relationship between you, brothers, and to be eager for learning during your lifetime, as it will always help you to get to the best.”
At the conclusion of his speech, he thanked the brothers for their efforts, wishing them the success and the perseverance in their work.

In conclusion, appreciation certificates were distributed to the brothers present.
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