The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announces the end of the period of receiving texts for the contest (books about the Imam al-Hassan, "peace be upon him") ..

The intellectual and cultural affairs' department of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announces the end of date for receiving the texts of the second annual contest of writing (book contest about Imam Al-Hassan "peace be upon him") for the best three books written about Imam Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba (peace be upon him).
The last date for receiving the texts was on Wednesday (30 Jumada II 1435 AH) corresponding to (April 30, 2014).

The Vice-President of the Section, Mr. Aqeel Abdul Hussain Al-Yasiri explained Al-Kafeel International Network: "The number of texts we received is 15 texts from the various Provinces of Iraq, they will be presented to an ad hoc committee for the purpose of assessment, valuation and selection of the winning ones."

He added: "The results of this contest will be announced on the birth of Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) (15 Ramadan 1435 AH) in the city of Hilla - Babylon province, within the events of the seventh annual cultural festival of Imam Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba (peace be upon him)

It is worth mentioning, the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine believes that this competition comes to stress the need for the communication about the authentic heritage of Ahlu Albayt's (peace be upon them) holy biography, to continually supplement the Islamic library with rich and useful writings, and to support the scientific, intellectual and cultural movement witnessed by the holy sites.

As well as to create an intellectual and research competition in the field of writing about Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him), to fill the lack of literature published about him (peace be upon him), especially what is about his sufferings, In order to shed light on many aspects of his noble life to everyone.
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