Islamic Heritage Center is one of the Centers of the Knowledge Department

The Islamic Heritage Center, one of the Centers of the Department of Islamic and Humanitarian Knowledge Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine, is working to revive the Islamic heritage by investigating, composing, cataloging and informing.

The director of the Center; Sheikh Qais al-Attar, said that "the Center was established just two years ago in the holy city of Mashhad in Iran, in accordance with the rational vision of the holy shrine administration to expand its work outside Iraq, especially in areas that embrace holy shrines and Hawzas, thanks to the presence of distinguished scholars and investigators, from whom the Center can benefit in the field of preserving and reviving Islamic heritage."

He added,"the Center has issued very important investigative works, and is currently working on completing a set of new investigative works, to be added to our previous publications, which contributes to the enrichment of the Islamic library, "pointing out that"the center has held many heritage seminars, workshops and practical courses."

According to the director of the Center, the Center seeks to attract young people who have religious and heritage interests, and introduce them to developmental courses within the fields of investigation and cataloging in order to create a new generation of skilled investigators and catalogers.
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