In Al-Kafeel Museum.. Swords from different historical epochs are presented in a scientific way

The Al-Kafeel Museum of Treasures at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is full of many collectibles dedicated to the Sanctuary of Master Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), including swords belonging to different historical eras.

The head of the Museum Department; Sayed Sadeq lazem, said that "we got acquainted with the style of historical swords as a result of the presence of some identification codes such as history or waqf, or the names of some Sultans and important figures such as some famous manufacturers".

He pointed out the possibility of identifying the historical era of the sword from the type of handle, the shape or the material that made it, all of which are signs of the historical period of the sword, in addition to the presence of a seal or inscription that indicates the owner of the sword in some cases".

He added that "some of the swords have not been identified because of the changes and external influences that have taken place over many years, as well as the lack of documentation of the years on some pieces and other reasons".

The Al-Kafeel Museum is famous for possessing the best types of Swords, whether in terms of how they were made or the metal used as some of them are coated with gold, in addition to the manufacture of some of them by the finest swordmakers such as (Asad Allah al-Damashqi, Asad Allah al-Isfahani, Egyptian sword master, Omar al-Bosni) and other makers, and some of them belong to famous Sultans, most notably the Ottoman Sultan (Selim Khan), so swords can be generally classified into (Ottoman, Persian, Arabic, Mughal, Indo-Mughal, European) style.
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