The kick off the Scientific Conference of the second annual international cultural Festival of the Commander of the faithful (peace be upon him) ..

Under the theme: "The Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) The righteous of the faithful and the heir of the Prophets' science". the scientific conference of the second annual international cultural Festival of the Commander of the faithful (peace be upon him) started in the morning of Wednesday 14 Rajab 1435AH corresponding to the 14 May 2014 in the (SCIENTIFIC CONVENTION CENTER) conference hall of the Indian city of Lucknow, which will last for two days with the participation of a group of notables from the Hawza and academic researchers from Iraq and India.

The first meeting was conducted by Professor Mahmoud al-Hashemi, Head of the department of Public Relations and Information of the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Shiite shrines, and Professor Dr. Riad al-Ameedi, the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences as a reporter.

The morning session of the first day of the conference started by reading verses of the Quran, and then Sheikh Miqdad al-Mahmood, a researcher from the Department of Religious Affairs in the Imam Ali (p) holy shrine presented the first research (State of Right) on behalf of His Eminence Sheikh Dea'uddeen Mohammed Ameen Zeynudeen the General Secretary of the Imam Ali (p) holy shrine, where he explained the characteristics of Government of the State of Right, which rules were laid down by the Commander of the faithful (peace be upon him), the research expounded also a set of concepts for this state according to his outlook (peace be upon him).

Then it was the role of the researcher Dr. Iraq Reza Zaydi from India who is an academic researcher, writer and author working at the Indian denominational Islamic University, who presented his research entitled: (the truth of monotheism by Imam Ali "peace be upon him"), in which he spoke about the words, speeches and invocations of the Commander of the faithful (peace be upon him ) relating to matters of monotheism.

Eventually with the attendance of academic and religious Indian figures, directors of Hawzas and religious schools, as well as representatives of the Iraqi holy shrines and Secretariat of its sacred sanctuaries, the conference have also seen a range of interventions and comments about the holy Biography of the Master of monotheists, the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon them).
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