Al-Ameed University: our laboratories are similar to what exists in international universities

Associate dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Al-Ameed University; Prof. Dr. Ali Dhulfiqar al-Bassam, said that the University's laboratories are characterized by the presence of modern devices and supplies, which make them among the standards of international universities.

He adds that"the Faculty of Medicine at the university is distinguished by the advanced level, which has kept pace with laboratories in known international universities".

The Department of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine has laboratories and programs of a three-dimensional virtual world, simulating the human body in all its details, so that the student can get acquainted with the human body from the internal and external aspects, as well as learn the methods of First Aid and surgical operation, according to al-Bassam.

The assistant dean points out that "the modern tissue Laboratory at the Faculty contains advanced microscopes and samples that enable students to take note of body tissues, and at there are laboratories that are at a high level of modernity to develop students' clinical skills".

According to al-Bassam, the university affiliated to the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is keeping pace with the continuous updating of the programs accompanying these laboratories, and providing the latest equipment for the student and teaching staff.
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