A calligrapher from the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine got a degree in Arabic calligraphy

The calligrapher at the Al-Kafeel Advertising and Marketing Center of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Mohammad Faleh, received a degree in Arabic calligraphy from the leader of Arab calligraphers.

Faleh said,"I received the license in Arabic calligraphy from the leader of calligraphers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, by following the lines of the Ancients and writing them, until I was able to learn a few of their secrets and presented them to Mr. Mas'ad Khudair al-Borsa'idi, so he gave me this degree that is the third of its kind internationally".

He added that"granting licenses in Arabic calligraphy is a method that calligraphers have learned about since ancient times and still are, in order to preserve the durability and strength of Arabic calligraphy, and to achieve the eligibility of the calligrapher and his right to teach this authentic art".

According to Faleh, the granting of written degrees is "as an incentive and encouragement to take care of Arabic fonts and their rules, so that the new generation takes the approach of its teachers in making sure to establish authentic Arabic calligraphy rules".

These degrees have a great impact in sharpening the determination of young people and motivating them to continue and improve the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy by maintaining the spirit of calligraphy and its rules, according to Faleh.
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