Many participations in art exhibition held within the “Spirit of Prophecy” Festival

The exhibition of works of art held on the sidelines of the Spirit of Prophecy International Women Festival in its fifth session witnessed the participation of nearly (300) works of art.

The division of Al-Kafeel women's religious schools of the Al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine supervised the organization of the festival and the exhibition, which lasted for two days, included various participations, including making accessories, Resin wax, embroidery and painting on Cups, in addition to an exhibition of art paintings, all of which represented an opportunity to display creativity and women products, as well as creating a state of competition between the participants.

An art competition was held on several topics within the exhibition, including (the best photograph), (the most beautiful artwork) and (the most beautiful painting).

The most prominent participants were Amira Abdul Ali in the field of accessories, Furqan Abdul Razzaq in the field of cup painting, Shahd Asaad Ali in the field of wax, Zahra Hussein Majdi in embroidery, and Ghadir Nasser Hussein in the work of Resin.
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