Intellectual Affairs Department discusses ways to cooperate with a delegation of Speicher victims ' families

The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, represented by the Iraqi Center for the Documentation of Extremist Crimes, discussed with a delegation of families of victims of Speicher's crime to support the cause of documenting the massacre.

The head of the Center, Dr. Abbas al-Quraishi, said: "there is a large group of families of the victims of the Speicher massacre who have not yet learned the fate of their sons, because the remains of the victims have not been exhumed or their bodies have been lost, with a number of them delayed in DNA testing, as a result of the lack of equipment and the unavailability of materials by the concerned authorities.
He added that" the Center has already issued the Documentary Encyclopedia of the Massacre, which included a large number of facts, "stressing that"we are determined to continue to monitor developments in this massacre and document them, as there are many criminals responsible for this crime who have not yet been arrested."

The delegation thanked the efforts exerted by the Iraqi Center for the Documentation of Extremist Crimes in documenting this crime committed against their innocent and defenseless sons.
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