The Preparatory Committee of the Hussayni documentary film competition continues to hold its meetings ..

The establishment of the competition of the Hussayni documentary film, is one of the new additions to the International Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom's Spring, to highlight the positive sides of the renaissance of Imam Hussayn (peace be upon him) and to document the historical, intellectual and moral facts and their impact on the current reality in an artistic and innovative way.

In order to make the best out of this festival's event and to achieve its goal, the Preparatory Committee of the competition of the Hussayni documentary film, which is emanating of the Preparatory High Committee of the festival, held a series of meetings, discussions and deliberations for the administration of this competition and the selection of the films to which Terms of the contest apply, for the purpose of choosing documentary films that befits the size of the festival and the competition.

These meetings that are in their final stages witnessed the attendance international artistic figures known by their great experience and competence in order to make the selection of the participating films, including: The artist Hamoudi Al Harthy, the Iraqi expatriate film maker Jamal Amin al-Husseini and the Egyptian actor Ahmed Maher in addition to other international film makers from several countries, including: Egypt, UAE, Iran and Iraq and Syria.

It is mentioned that the participating documentaries are more than fifty films from various countries around the world. The most important technical standard of the competition is that the film revolves around the axis of the Hussayni case, with precision, clarity, accurate content and in Arabic language or translated to it, while taking into account the general Islamic aspects of legality and morality. There are three special awards for the first three winning films:

 First prize ($ 5,000) five thousand dollars.
 Second prize ($ 4,000) four thousand dollars.
 Third prize ($ 3,000) three thousand dollars.
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