Successful delivery of a patient with heart failure at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital has successfully performed a risky birth operation for a young woman suffering from heart failure, low blood pressure and oxygen.

Dr. Raghad al-Nu'man, an obstetrics and gynecology specialist at the hospital, said:"the patient is (28) years old and she is in the seventh month of her pregnancy, and we were able to get her fetus out safely and preserve her life, because the continuation of pregnancy is not commensurate with her health status and has become life-threatening, because there is a narrowing and sagging of the aortic valve of her heart and bicuspid aortic stenosis, and she suffers from heart failure, lung problems and shortness of breath."

"We formed a medical team with a specialist in cardiology, anesthesia and intensive care, and studied the case extensively, and thanks to the availability of developed facilities in the Hospital, the operation was performed for this young woman, and the team succeeded in removing the fetus safely after a four-hour operation,"she added.

For her part, the anesthesiologist at the Hospital; Dr. Mee'ad Adnan, that "the decision to terminate the pregnancy for this young woman came after her health worsened, and she was admitted to intensive care about ten days ago, as she had a significant decrease in blood pressure, oxygen and fluid on the lung," indicating that "some doctors outside the Hospital refused to give her anesthesia, because of the complexity of her condition and the possibility of death by (90%)".

Adnan explained that " the operation was performed with regional anesthesia and in a sitting position, because it was not possible to make it in a lying position, and it was a great challenge as we faced a problem with low oxygen and blood pressure, so we supported the work of the heart with special treatments," stressing "the success of the operation despite its very high risk, and the patient was transferred to intensive care, and her health stabilized a few hours later and she left the hospital two days later."
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