The judging committee of the Hussayni documentary films' contest announces the names of the contest winners..

The contest of the Hussayni documentary films was one of the new addition of the International Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom's Spring, with the participation of (57) films from Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Argentina. which were evaluated by a committee specialized in the cinematography, in order to choose the winning films in the competition. Twenty of these films were displayed during special presentation sessions.

The most important technical standard of the competition is that the film revolves around the axis of the Hussayni case, with precision, clarity, accurate content and in Arabic language or translated to it, while taking into account the general Islamic aspects of legality and morality.

The winners were announced by the judging committee during the closing ceremony of the festival, which was held during afternoon of Friday 7th Sha'ban 1435 AH corresponding to 6th of June 2014, and were as follows:
- The film that won the first prize (Farsh Thar Allah), presented by Mr. Ali Reza Sejavi.
- The film that won the second place (Gol Geyran), presented by Mr. Mahmoud Ghaffari.
- The film which won the third prize (Naql Nakhl), which was presented by Mr. Ali Mohammed Nasser.

The film (Rasm 'asheqi hamenah) got the award of the best documentary search, the film (Ana wa Al-Hussayn) got the award of the best idea, the film (Aqdam Al'asheqeen) got the award of the best photography, the film (ba'eed lakinaho qareeb) got the award of the best production, and finally the film (alqu Alma-adhen) got the award of the best editing.

It is worth mentioning that the judging committee of this competition consisted of:
1 - Egyptian actor Ahmed Maher.
2 - Egyptian film-maker Wael Radhawi.
3 - Film-maker Mojtaba Ra'ee.
4 - Mr. Ruhullah As'adi.
5 - Mr. Ihsan Alhelli.
6 - Iraqi film-maker Dr. Hamoudi Al-Harthy.
7 - Dr. Jamal Amin.
8 - Sheikh Ammar al-Hilali.
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