Intellectual Affairs Department holds the “Al-Kafeel Sofra” program to revive the nights of the holy month in Ghana

The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine held the (Al-Kafeel Sofra) program in Accra, the capital of Ghana, to commemorate the nights of the holy month of Ramadhan.

The program is organized by the Department's Center for African Studies.

The director of the Center, Sheikh Saad Sattar al-Shammari, said that"the (Al-Kafeel Sofra) program is implemented under the patronage and guidance of the Senior Official of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; His Eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, and continues to hold its evenings in eleven African countries, in the presence of a gathering of followers and lovers of Ahl al-Bayt(peace be upon them), from various areas of the capital."

"The program is held to revive the nights of the month of Ramadhan with worship, and clarification of the features of the authentic Islamic Mohammadian religion according to the school of Ahl Al-Bayt(peace be upon them). All of which is organized and supervised by the coordinators of the Center in those countries,"he added.

Al-Shammari explained, " the program included many activities, including reading the Kumayl supplication by Sheikh Noah Issa Bendago, and a Fiqh lecture given by Sheikh Suleiman Bendago, while the program organizers distributed Iftaar meals to those present."
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