The Supreme Religious Authority confirms that the fatwa of sufficient duty to defend the homeland includes all Iraqis, regardless of their sects, religions and backgrounds..

The Supreme Religious Authority in the holy Najaf confirmed through its representative the Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi, that the fatwa of the sufficient duty to defend the homeland includes all Iraqis, regardless of their sects, religions and backgrounds, thing that was explained during the second sermon of the Friday's prayer (21st Sha'ban 1435 AH) corresponding to (20th June 2014) hold in the holy Hussayni courtyard.

In deed the Supreme Religious Authority had called last Friday volunteers to join the security forces for the defence of Iraq during the difficult conditions that the country is passing through, Sayed Al-Safi highlighted few points:

First: This call was addressed to all citizens, regardless of their sects, as its goal was getting ready to face the Takfiri group so-called (ISIS / Da'esh), which has the upper hand and the strongest presence in several provinces, and has announced openly and clearly that they target the rest of the Iraqi provinces, even the holy cities such as Najaf and Karbala. They also announced that they target all shrines of prophets, Imams, Companions and the righteous, as well as the temples of non-Muslims, churches and others, in a clear statement that this Takfiri group is willing to target the sanctities of all Iraqis without differentiating between religions and sects, adding that they are ready to kill and torture anyone who does not agree with their opinion and whoever is not subject to their authority, even those who follow the same doctrine. This Takfiri terrorists group is a great calamity that has plagued our region, and the call for volunteers was to urge the Iraqis with all their components and their sects to face this group, which if it is not confronted and expelled today from Iraq, everyone would regret to not participate in the defence of the homeland when the remorse will not help. This why this urging call to volunteer has no sectarian basis since the religious authority has demonstrated over the past years and in most cruel circumstances that it is far from any sectarian approach, stressing over again on all politicians and deciders the need to take into account the rights of all Iraqis from all sects and components, in fact the religious authority would never incite strife between the sons of one country, but it is urging everyone to work to strengthen the bonds of care and love between them and unite their efforts in the face of stranger extremist groups.

Second: The call of the religious authority was for volunteer to engage in the official security forces, not to form armed militias outside the framework of the law, its position is clear in the need of restriction of arms only in the hands of the government, and that since the fall of the former regime. So nobody fancies that it supports any armed organization that is not authorized by Law, and the relevant authorities have to prevent the manifestation of illegal armed, and take the lead to organize the process of volunteering and announce specific controls needed by the armed forces and other security agencies, so the citizens wishing to volunteer would have a clearer picture and will not crowd at volunteer centres only if they meet the conditions. Then the religious authority shows its profound thanks and appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of citizens who responded to its call in the different volunteer centres across Iraq during the past week, regretting what happened to many of them as a result of the lack of adequate preparations to accept volunteers, and then hopes that things will improve in the near future .

Third: The Federal Court has ratified the results of the parliamentary elections, and there is the timing of the constitutionality of the new Council of Representatives and selecting its President, the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the formation of the new government. In fact it is very important to adhere to these timings, and it is necessary to engage dialogue between the winning parties for the formation of a functioning government, nationally acceptable, and which will rectify past mistakes and open up new vistas for all Iraqis for a better future.

Fourth: During the current situation makes it imperative for the Iraqis more unity and cohesion among themselves, and must therefore cooperate in alleviating the suffering of the displaced people and the delivery of essential aid to them, as should food retailers and others to observe fairness, not raising prices and not monopolizing the foods, as the monopoly in addition to being non-religiously permissible, is not compatible with the noble ethics of Iraqis.

Brothers! We ask God Almighty to take the hands of everybody to what is good and righteous, He is the Most Merciful! O God bless all of us with pride and greatness! Have mercy on us! And save our country from every evil! O Lord return their evil plot to them, You're the Powerful, the Exalted in Might! And our last prayer is Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and Peace and Allah’s mercy be upon Mohammed and his pure and virtuous lineage.
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