The supreme religious authority reveals the causes and reasons for issuing the fatwa of sufficient duty to defend Iraq and its sanctities, responding to the suspicions of the people of sedition ..

Refuting the suspicions raised by some sectarian strife media, in an attempt to show to the public opinion that the last call of the religious authority was sectarian, the representative of the supreme religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai explained in an exclusive interview with the British TV channel (BBC) on Wednesday morning (June 18, 2014) the following:
"After feeling the intensity of the danger threatening the country, and after witnessing the withdrawal of the army from the cities of Mosul and Tikrit seized by the terrorists of (ISIS / Da'esh) who are committing criminal acts against the people of those cities, and announcing that they are heading towards Baghdad and the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, to shed innocents blood, attack the sanctities of Muslims of all sects and commit other criminal acts, the supreme religious authority declared the sufficient duty (wujub kifa'i) for all the people of the country from all sects and backgrounds to face up these Takfiri forces. "

Adding: "The fatwa of the supreme religious authority is clear and does not need any explanation or interpretation, and cannot be built as a fatwa of particular Jihad of a sect against another!!! But it is directed to all communities to confront the Takfiri groups." Noting: "He who tries to interpret this fatwa in order to show that it supports a governmental or political entity is rejected by the religious authority who does not allow it at all."

He explained: "The positions of Sayed Al-Sistani during the last ten years are considered as a clear indication of the approach of refusing violence or fighting. His Eminence was denouncing any kind of infringement suffered by any denomination and we even found him condemning any exposure targeting shrines, churches and houses of worship of all religions and sects. "

He stressed that: "The organization of (ISIS / Da'esh) is a Takfiri organization that is far from the path of Islam, because Islam is designed to establish the principle of peaceful coexistence, and considerate the blood, money and honour of whoever recites the Tashahhud is forbidden (Haram). "

Pointing out: "The (ISIS / Da'esh) has violated the honour of Muslims, encroached their sanctities, targeted mosques, infringed churches and threatened the internal peace as well as the regional peace."

Sheikh Karbalai concluded his talk saying: "The supreme authority stressed out the need to engage everyone under the command of the security forces in the fighting of the terrorist groups, and never allows any entity, organization, political party or movement to raise weapons. At the same time pointing out the need for calming the nerves, so that no citizen reacts in an impulsive way towards another citizen from any other sect ."
Explaining: "The approach of Sayed Al-Sistani is a national approach that rejects any sectarian tension or violence."

It is noteworthy that the BBC TV Channel did not broadcast the entire meeting, diffusing only the part dealing with the volunteering action, and cutting the other part that reveals the response to the suspicions and the causes for issuing the fatwa that covers all Iraqis regardless of their sects. In a clear evidence of the absence of the neutrality of the BBC TV Channel that they propagate.
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