During a meeting with a group of Al-Hussayni pulpit orators: Sayed. Al-Safi emphasizes the need to resist the psychological war of the enemies and calls to show Iraqis' victories ..

The Secretary-General of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi emphasized the need to resist the psychological warfare pursued by the enemies of Islam in their war against Iraq and the Iraqis, the work to build momentum by showing victories of the security forces that they harvest day after day, without fearing of the errors that occurred in the past (the last events city of Mosul), but working to overcome them through positive clarification of pulpit religious orators.

This came during a meeting of His Eminence with a group of Hussayni pulpit orators at Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. He added: "The cleric and the Hussayni orator have - especially during the holy month of Ramadan - major tasks, in addition to the Islamic and religious Propagation, he has other responsibilities, as we are passing through difficult conditions in this period, he should exercise the role of encouraging, boosting morale, guiding and avoiding false rumours, as well as elucidating the Fatwa of sufficient duty to defend Iraq and its sanctities and explaining its implications. "

Pointing out: "Now, the religious orator - in councils and satellite TV - has to raise the morale of the volunteers through evoking some of the stories of the volunteers, which recalls the sacrifices and heroism for motivating the audience."

Sayed Al-Safi also stated: "We must communicate an important information: At the moment what is being formed of regiments and Saraya (brigades) should be working under the umbrella of the state and any formation of groups outside this framework should be refrained."
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