The "Haqeebatul Mu'min" App with a new look and sophisticated updates..

In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, the Division of the Internet in the department of intellectual and cultural affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has launched a number of updates and additions to the application "Haqeebatul Mu'min / حقيبة المؤمن " (which is a comprehensive Islamic application that works on Android smart phones, and which has been programmed and designed by the staff of the Division).

Mr. Haider Taleb Abdul Ameer the head of the Internet Division explained to the Al-Kafeel Network: "The application of "Haqeebatul Mu'min" is the first of the applications that will be launched in the future, and which are prepared in the adopted plan that focuses on the quality more than the quantity. However, since the launch of the application of "Haqeebatul Mu'min" several months ago, a connection window has been opened between us and the users of this application, so they can brief us with their comments and suggestions that help us enhancing it in terms of information and programming, therefore, an approved plan of action for these updates has been installed, and whoever has downloaded this application can install the new version (1.5). "

He added: "The updates of the application include the addition of a compass, the recommended acts of holy month of Ramadan (which includes the alarm for the time of Imsaak) and the search feature in the Koran (chapters and verses), with the addition of different voices of readers of the Holy Quran, the feature of automatic transitions between chapters while listening, and the open praise (Tasbeeh), as well as the addition of the widget of the next prayer with the remaining time, as well as supporting the aspect of (Daydream), and repairing the software problem for devices that run on Android (2.3). "

The updated application exists now on google play market.

To download the application (in Arabic) please click here

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