The UN delegation conducts a tour of the Ferdaws agricultural project

The UN delegation, represented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), conducted a tour of the Ferdaws Project, One of the agricultural projects of the Al-Abbas's (p) shrine.

"The visiting delegation conducted a tour of agricultural projects at his request, to see the successes that the holy shrine was able to achieve in reclaiming desert lands and turning them into green spaces,"said engineer Adel al-Mi'mar, director of the Lewa international company implementing the project.

"We explained to the delegation about the holy shrine's orientations and vision about these projects, which contribute to reducing the phenomena of unemployment, drought and water scarcity, by relying on modern technologies related to rationalizing water consumption, and these are the most important factors affecting the displacement of residents and migration from their areas,"he added.

"The delegation expressed its desire to continue joint cooperation and open the horizons of cooperation between the organization and the general secretariat of the holy shrine, to benefit from the successful experiences of the shrine,"al-Mi'mar stressed.

For his part, the president of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), stressed, "modern methods have been adopted and applied in the Firdaws Farm Agricultural Project, as well as reflecting their effects and benefits on society as a whole, as well as the impact of this farm on the climate and global warming, and how it can be bypassed and minimize the risks of climate disasters, which affect agriculture."

"We are here today to link up and develop the relationship with the Al-Abbas's (p) Shrine, so that this relationship will bear fruit for migrants in providing job opportunities and exchanging experiences between the two parties, and I learned a lot from my tour today,"he added.
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