The Higher Education Authority at the Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine honors its staffs

The Higher Education Authority at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine honored its administrative and service staff in appreciation of their great efforts during the current academic year.

The celebration events were held in the Hall of Imam Hassan(peace be upon him), in the presence of the chairman of the Commission, Dr. Abbas Rashid al-Mousawi.

The administrative assistant to the head of the Department, Mr. Yousef al-Taie, said that"the department honored its administrative and service staff, who provided a lot during the current academic year to serve the educational process, and were a key partner and a real helper in its success".

He pointed out that"the chairman of the Higher Education Authority, Dr. Abbas al-Mousawi, listened to their problems and suffering, and stressed the need to overcome them and find appropriate solutions to them".

For his part, Mr. Ali Hussein, one of the staff of the authority, said, "this celebration and Honor shows us the extent of the institution's interest in its staff, keenness to take care of them and appreciate their efforts, and is a great motivation for us to continue working under the banner of Lord Aba al-Fadl(peace be upon him)".
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