In pictures.. Continuation of modernization and development work for the external host of the Al-Abbas's (P) Shrine

The Engineering Projects Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) shrine continues the continuous modernization and development of the holy shrine's external host.

The head of the Department, engineer Dia Majid al-Saegh, said that"since its opening more than ten years ago, the outer host of the Al–Abbas's (p) Shrine, located on the (Karbala-Najaf) road, has not witnessed a development and modernization campaign like the one currently being carried out by the department, after it developed special plans to implement extensive and comprehensive works implemented by international Lewa company, by opening more than one part to reach its completion as soon as possible to serve visitors.

"The project was implemented on a total area of twelve thousand square meters, consisting of three buildings with an area of eighteen thousand square meters, a medical detachment, and a hall to serve visitors,"added al-Saegh.

The head of the department pointed out that"one of the additions witnessed by the project is a service building consisting of three floors, including sanitary groups, an honors Hall, in addition to the service rooms and the central kitchen of the host".

Through its service projects, the holy shrine is keen to provide the best services to visitors, including the external host project, which is one of the most prominent and most important service projects built on the roads leading to Karbala, with the aim of providing services throughout the year to reach its peak in the Ziyarat Arba'een.
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