The fourth scientific conference of the Holy Defense fatwa witnesses the launch of research sessions

The fourth International Scientific Conference of the Holy Defense fatwa, within the festival of the Holy Defense fatwa held by the Al-Abbas's (p) shrine, witnessed the launch of research sessions.

The festival is held by the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, the Department of the al-Wafi foundation for documentation and studies, and the Al-Ameed scientific and intellectual Association, in celebration of the anniversary of the launch of the Holy Defense fatwa under the slogan: "religious authority is the fortress of the Islamic nation", on Imam al-Hassan Hall (peace be upon him).

The research session was chaired by Dr. Sarhan jafat Salman, with the participation of a number of academics and researchers.

The first paper was entitled (strategies of media discourse in the religious authority sermons – deliberative reading), by Dr. Karima Nomas Mohammed Al-Madani, in which she dealt with media discourse and when it achieves a response, as well as researching the qualities of its owner, and how he achieved success in the sermons of the Blessed fatwa.

The discussion of the second research session, "the theory of challenge and response in the Holy Defense fatwa, was a close philosophical study", by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Qasim, while the third session was a joint research entitled "guidance speeches of the religious authority to preserve the national identity of the Popular Mobilization fighters", by Dr. Wafa Kadhem Jabbar, and Dr. Saad al-Din al-Bana.

The discussion of the fourth session was entitled "the semiotics of the public icon and its rhetorical function - declarations of the Popular Mobilization as a model", a joint research by Dr. mauloud Mohamed Zayed and researcher Najla Jalil sayhoud, while the discussion of the fifth session was entitled "The role of religious authority in consolidating moral values and strengthening the pillars of national unity and citizenship (directives of Sayed Sistani as a model)" a joint research by researchers Dr. Zahra Ali Dakhil and researcher Zeinab Ali Dakhil, and the discussion of the sixth session was entitled "The rhetoric of the mass response to the religious authority fatwa of efficient jihad is an example," of Dr. Taghreed Abdul Amir al-Khafaji.

The seventh session was discussed under the title "social dimensions of the fatwa of efficient defense and its implications on post - ISIS Iraq – an analytical study from a sociological perspective, by researcher Sarah Ali Jaber," and the eighth session was discussed under the title" Sayed al-Sistani's thesis for peaceful coexistence and its resonance in the world media – a brief reading of the foundations and principles of peaceful coexistence in the speech of the Supreme religious authority-Friday sermons as an example "by researcher Hassan Ali al-Jawadi.
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