Karbala agriculture: the Green Belt project is considered the lung of the province and an impenetrable barrier to environmental pollution

The director of Karbala Agriculture, Eng. Mohammad Jassim al-Tayar, confirmed that the Southern Green Belt project of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine represents the lung of the province and an impenetrable dam against environmental pollution and dust storms.

This came through his participation in the commemorative seminar organized by civil society organizations at the site of the Southern Green Belt project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day.

The pilot said that "what the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine offers in the Green Belt project is an important and proud work, and the project in its new form has fulfilled the purpose for which it was established by the concerted efforts of its workers, to be the lung of Karbala, an impervious barrier to environmental pollution and dust storms and an outlet for its families".

"We invite the people of Karbala to visit this project to see what the Holy Shrine offers of agricultural projects that contribute to improving the environmental reality of the city, supplying local markets with various crops, in addition to its role in investing the Karbala desert by planting strategic crops,"he added.
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