Lovers of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) commemorated the anniversary of his martyrdom, renewing at his holy shrine their pledge of allegiance ..

The holy month of Ramadan includes within its events, the greatest tragedy that has befell on Muslims after the loss of their Prophet (prayers and Allah's peace be upon him and his holy household); the tragic martyrdom of Imam Ali Ibnu Abi Taleb (peace be upon them.)

Full of grief and sorrow, the hearts of lovers and followers of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them) in all over the world, mourn this great loss, in which the misfortunes of the family of the message (peace be upon them) are renewed. Lovers and followers of the Commander of the faithful, the guardians' Master, the religion's dragonfly and the second father of this nation; Ali Ibnu Abi Talib (peace be upon them) headed towards his holy shrine in the province of Najaf, in order to renew their eternal pledge of loyalty and allegiance, obeying his recommendations and following his true approach. A zyarat which comes this year, while Iraq is passing through difficult and exceptional circumstances, assailed by the forces of evil and Takfiri aggression from the descendants Of Ibnu Muljam to attack it and hit it, as did their master in such days of holy month of Ramadan in the year 40 of migration.

Therefore, the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors from inside and outside the province of Najaf, who came to commemorate the martyrdom of the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibnu Abi Talib (peace be upon them), while all efforts of the media, services and security personnel were mobilized to provide various services for visitors.
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